Vertikal Pole at Grimsby Central Hall

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Vertikal Pole Grimsby


We are happy to have Vertikal Pole at the Grimsby Central Hall!
This is one of the many community groups that use the space at the hall for their classes!


To find out more about the Classes held by Vertikal Pole at Grimsby Central Hall, please head to


Vertikal Pole Grimsby is a committee based activity club, starting with Shelley and Jenny who over the years have trained students and built a community. Luckily all this hard work inspired more students to become instructors which was desperately needed as the demand just kept growing.


Below is a range of information covering everything from why to start Pole fitness down to what to wear, if this doesn’t cover all your queries please contact us and we will be happy to help Why Pole Fitness? This is not a normal exercise class, it doesn’t just work your entire body it will almost certainly boast your confidence!


This is friendly, fun, energetic and powerful exercise that will improve strength, toning and stamina. It is also a very social sport with many friendships made on the back of joining the club. You are never short of support during your class from your instructor and fellow learners. Who can do Pole Fitness? Our only requirement is that you are over 16yrs and are ready to have some fun! Pole fitness is great for everyone.


Please contact us for pre and post pregnancy advice.


Class Levels


Pole fitness is harder than it looks and everyone progresses at different rates.

It is important that pupils understand there limits and do not push themselves to keep up with other people – we all start somewhere and there is no rush! With this in mind there are 9 levels broken down in to 3 sections – Beginner 1 to 3 – Intermediate 4 to 6 – Advanced 7 to 9 Your instructor will take you though your level and teach you new moves to progress at your own pace.


If you have practiced pole fitness at another club, please make your instructor aware in your first class for assessment, you will then be brought up to speed and placed on a level to suit you within our grading format What to Wear Pole Fitness: Sports wear is recommended in the beginning – leggings, shorts, sports bra, t-shirt etc.


All classes are performed bare foot Skin contact is needed to grip the pole, more so when taking on challenging moves, in the beginning gym wear is perfectly fine but as you progress shorts are advised and for some moves required Circuits: Gym attire is recommended, including Trainers.


Class Rules

Not to stop the fun but to enhance it for everyone, there are a few rules: – No Moisturiser – No Jewellery – Stay Hydrated – Only attempt moves demonstrated to you by your instructor – Know your limits The Vertikal Pole School boasts an excellent range of pupils of varying abilities and all around passion for this exciting and fun form of fitness.