The House with the Blue Door – Our visit by artist Sarah Palmer.

The Central Hall is for music for theatre for meetings for communities for everyone

Grimsby Central Hall by Sarah Palmer - House with the Blue Door.
Grimsby Central Hall by Sarah Palmer - House with the Blue Door.

We had a lovely visit last week from Sarah (Artist), who captured the Leo Solomon Hall in her signature style! 


The House With the Blue door drawings come from Sarah’s love for the coast in Lincolnshire. She draws everyday in my sketchbooks using watercolours and inks.

Sarah’s drawing style is unique. It’s very loose, sketchy and full of colour. She likes people to look at her work and see something that brings back memories or reminds them of this lovely area of the country.
The name The House With the Blue Door is the name of her chalet on the Humberston Fitties. She uses her artwork to decorate it, and hopes to use it as an art gallery and for art workshops.

The House With The Blue Door is her chalet on the Humberston Fitties, is a historic chalet park that runs alongside the golden sands of Cleethorpes, with its history in rooted in a soldiers’ encampment during the First World War.


The area evolved over the decades to become home to makeshift holiday homes, where families from nearby Grimsby would bring materials with which to build temporary shelters.


What started out as a collection of temporary encampments grew over the years into what it is today – a site of more than 300 unique residences that still offer the escape to the seaside and quiet sanctuary that they did all those years ago.


When not being used as a retreat by Sarah, this two-bedroomed chalet with a lovely peaceful garden is available to rent.


If you have any questions about Sarahs work, then please contact her on the links below to her blog, and patreon. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram.